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by 103.7 Play posted Oct 11 2013 8:56AM - As Week 2 of the government shutdown continues, new websites have begun popping up to give furloughed workers and frustrated Americans alike an outlet to express their anger. Especially after they’ve knocked back a couple. connects the disgruntled to the House of Representatives. You can enter your phone number into the website and an inebriated voice from a 1-800 number will call you back and ask, “Is this government shutdown making you want to drink?” before transferring to Capitol Hill so that you can “tell them what’s on your mind and tell them to get back to work.”

So of course Jack had to try it on air. Click here for our 103.7 Play morning show drunk dial to Congress - Jack Drunk Dials Congress

Richmond Folk Festival Oct 11-13thSTARTS TODAY! Last year, more than 200,000 people visited downtown Richmond's riverfront to celebrate the roots, richness and variety of American culture through music, dance traditional crafts, storytelling and food. This is definitely one of Richmond’s coolest events. Click here for info.

Voodoo Music Experience – Yesterday Melissa & Jack started qualifying listeners for Play’s Voodoo Music Experience  flyaway trip in New Orleans. Pearl Jam, The Cure and Macklemore will be performing, in addition to about 50 other bands. Many more chances to qualify all month long. Click here for more info.

Hollywood Hot Mess –  There's a celebrity gymnastics reality show in the works, with Mary Lou Retton attached as the lead judge, and Shannon Miller and Paul Hamm onboard as well. Awesome! This is exactly what we need – more pseudo-celebs doing stuff that we don’t give a flying you know what about! Yay!

Second Date - If you missed today’s Second Date with Tammi & Kurt, click here to listen.
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10/11/2013 8:56AM
Mornings With Melissa & Jack 10-11
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