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Mornings With Melissa & Jack 10-14

by 103.7 Play posted Oct 14 2013 8:30AM
Witches Brew 103.7 Play Costume Ball Saturday, November 2ndThree Sheets To The Wind, "America's #1 Tribute To Yacht Rock" returns to The National for a totally wicked night of Yacht Rock, Jangle Pop, costumes and BEER! Melissa and Jack will be hosting. Stay tuned in for more details and your chance to win tickets.

Goodbye Earth? - The end date for our world will be March 16, 2880. Scientist predict a giant asteroid is set to collide with the Earth at 38,000 miles per hour. It's supposedly going to land in the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists are already putting together a plan to save the Earth. Since we can see the asteroids trajectory apparently brushing the surface of it with chalk, charcoal or glass beads would cause the Sun to reflect off of it in ways that would change the way it is spinning towards us. Armageddon (the movie) was right all along! Quick, someone better start assembling a ragtag crew of oil well drillers, who despite being a bit unorthodox and completely untrained for this type of thing, are still the absolute best chance we have for survival. We got an asteroid to blow up, DAMMIT!

Voodoo Music Experience – Melissa & Jack have started qualifying listeners for Play’s Voodoo Music Experience  flyaway trip in New Orleans. Pearl Jam, The Cure and Macklemore will be performing, in addition to about 50 other bands. Many more chances to qualify all month long. Click here for more info.

Hollywood Hot Mess –  “Fifty Shades of Grey” is in search of a new male lead. The British actor Charlie Hunnam has dropped out of the film adaptation of E. L. James’s best-selling novel because of a scheduling conflict, according to a statement released by Universal Pictures. Mr. Hunnam was cast as the wealthy entrepreneur Christian Grey in September. Front runners to take his place? Matt Bomer is the Vegas odds-on favorite. Cillian Murphy and Ian Somerhalder (Melissa’s favorite) are other contenders. Jack threw his hat in the ring, but was told by producers that they needed someone less goofy and more sober.

Second Date - If you missed today’s Second Date with George & Sasha, click here to listen.
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Location : New Orleans
10/14/2013 8:30AM
Mornings With Melissa & Jack 10-14
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