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Mornings With Melissa & Jack 10-17

by 103.7 Play posted Oct 17 2013 8:54AM
Wine For Cats? – You never have to drink alone again, because now you can drink with your cats! At least in Japan you can, because a Japanese company called B&H Lifes has begun selling wine made specifically for cats. The special feline libation is called “Nyan Nyan Nouveau.” This cat wine doesn’t really contain any alcohol, but it does contain juice made from Cabernet grapes, along with catnip. So just accept it. It’s wine. For cats. (We’re shaking our heads also.)

Government Reopens For Business – 16 days later and President Barack Obama has signed a bill to reopen the federal government and lift the debt limit just after midnight on Thursday morning, after an 11th-hour agreement reached on Wednesday by Senate majority leader Harry Reid and minority leader Mitch McConnell was passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate voted 81-18 in favor of the measure, while the House voted 285-144 in favor. So, uhh, we’ll see you guys again come January when this will happen again if they can’t hammer out a long-term, more permanent deal? Yeah, see ya there.

Witches Brew 103.7 Play Costume Ball Saturday, November 2nd Three Sheets To The Wind, "America's #1 Tribute To Yacht Rock" returns to The National for a totally wicked night of Yacht Rock, Jangle Pop, costumes and BEER! Melissa and Jack will be hosting. Stay tuned in for more details and your chance to win tickets.

Hollywood Hot Mess –  OJ Simpson ‘wants to host a religious tv show after getting out of prison where he has converted his white supremacist cellmate to Christianity.’ Hall of Fame great OJ Simpson's show will be called Holy Safari and will travel around the world exploring local ideologies and interviewing world religious leaders - including the Pope. Yeah, because that’s what people want – football player-turned-felon OJ Simpson being all preachy. Sign me up for that!

Second Date - If you missed today’s Second Date with Jackie & Mike, click here to listen.
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10/17/2013 8:54AM
Mornings With Melissa & Jack 10-17
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