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by 103.7 Play posted Nov 1 2013 8:18AM
Science Is Amazing! - Science has officially confirmed that dead people cannot walk. Here comes the science: As soon as we pass, our bodies kick into autolysis - a process of breaking down. It only takes a few days before our bodies wouldn't be able to hold ourselves up. Plus, there's the whole brain no longer working, thing - which we kind of need to walk around. Yeah, okay, what’s next, science? Are you gonna tell us that vampires aren’t perpetually good-looking and in high school? Are you gonna say that werewolves don’t have six-packs? That sharks can’t get sucked up by tornados and flung at people?! Science, you crazy!

Richmond’s Got Talent! - Richmond's got talent... and we want you to prove it! Send us a video of you showing what you've got, and you could win a chance to perform your talent at a Richmond Spiders home game, plus $1,000 in cash from U of R... AND a shot at playing at a local concert in 2014!
Game Dates:Finalist #1 Performance:  Dec. 28th vs ODU (6:30pm tip)
Finalist #2 Performance:  Jan. 18th vs Dayton (3:00pm tip)
Finalist #3 Performance:  Feb. 15th vs Fordham (6:00pm tip)
Finalist #4 Performance:  Feb. 22nd vs LaSalle (4:00pm tip)
Winner Announced/Winner Performance:  March 6th vs VCU (9:00pm tip)

Casa Del Barco Day Of The Dead – Come join us this Friday out at Casa Del Barco for their Day Of The Dead party emceed by Melissa Chase. We’re hooking up listeners all-day/everyday with 25 dollar gift certificates and Casa Del Barco prize packs. Tune in to win!

Witches Brew 103.7 Play Costume Ball Saturday, November 2ndThree Sheets To The Wind, "America's #1 Tribute To Yacht Rock" returns to The National for a totally wicked night of Yacht Rock, Jangle Pop, costumes and BEER! Melissa and Jack will be hosting. Stay tuned in for more details and your chance to win tickets.

Hollywood Hot Mess – Wedding proposals at private parties in major league ballparks don’t always stay private — as Kimye learned the hard way. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have filed a lawsuit against YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley after he filmed a video of the invite-only event at AT&T Park in San Francisco on Oct. 21 and splashed it online. Hurley posted the two-and-a-half minute clip to MixBit — his new venture, a collaborative video app — and tweeted it to his followers on Oct. 22. AWWWW – Their first joint lawsuit! So cute!

Second Date - If you missed today’s Second Date with Brooks & Katie, click here to listen.
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11/01/2013 8:18AM
Mornings With Melissa & Jack 11-1
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