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Mornings With Melissa & Jack 9-26

by 103.7 Play posted Sep 26 2013 8:59AM
Mornings with Melissa & Jack on 103.7 Play!

Pearl Jam in C-Ville – Melissa & Jack have passes all week to go see Pearl Jam on 10/29 at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville. Tune in to win!

State Fair of Virginia – Begins tomorrow! Melissa & Jack will have another 4-pack of passes to giveaway tomorrow. Also, tune into Jessie on middays and Sharon in the afternoon, or go to the website for more chances to score free passes.

Beer & Your Sex Life - Oktoberfest is in full swing, so the dating site did a survey to find out what your favorite type of beer says about your sex life.  Here are the top five things they found:

1.  Domestic beer drinkers are more likely to be looking for someone to marry.  They also tend to be traditional, and don't like public displays of affection. 2.  Microbrew fans have had more one-night stands than any other type of beer drinker.  74% said they've had at least one of them.  And 54% said that in a perfect world, they'd have sex every day. 3.  People who prefer imported beer are more likely to still be virgins.  But it's just 4% of them, so it's not a crazy high number.  They're also more likely to be introverted, which goes along with the virgin thing. 4.  92% of light beer drinkers are willing to date someone with kids. 5.  People who opt for low-calorie beers are the most prone to long-term relationships.  75% have been in at least one of them. 6. People like JACK who drink nothing but whiskey probably like to get black out drunk, make bad decisions and hook up with random barflies.

Hollywood Hot Mess - O.J. Simpson, the former NFL great who fell from national grace when he was accused of murder and ultimately sent to jail for armed robbery, now faces a new disgrace: Stealing cookies from his Nevada prison cafeteria. Fox News reported that guards caught the 66-year-old with a stash of cookies — oatmeal — beneath his shirt, as he walked from the cafeteria to his cell. Umm, the guy can get away with murder but still gets caught doing something a toddler might do? WTF?

Fall Event Guide – Check out The River’s event guide for upcoming events right here in The RVA.

Second Date - If you missed today’s Second Date with John & Lila, click here to listen.
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09/26/2013 8:59AM
Mornings With Melissa & Jack 9-26
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09/26/2013 9:35AM
Why did you change?
I listen to your station all day long but for some reason you changed and this week you play the same songs over and over again, gone down in my books so I'm changing stations. Bye
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