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jack 0 playfulIf ya don’t know Jack… about Jack… get caught up!

• I was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and lived there for the first year of my life, before moving to Richmond and growing up in Midlothian. I’m a Trinity Titan for life!
• I read voraciously and have 5 literary themed tattoos on my arms
• In college I had a small part on the TV show One Tree Hill… my friends still tease me about it and it shows up on my facebook page for TBT at least a few times a year.
• I’ve written a column called “Punch Drunk” for Style Weekly for the past 9 years and have won 2 1st places for it in the Virginia Press Association’s “Columns and Commentary” division.
• I have a man crush on both Brad Pitt and John Mayer… and my girlfriend is totally okay with this.

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