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I have lived in the Richmond area my entire life and I have to say there are some pretty amazing characters in this city! I grew up glued to the radio so it feels like a dream come true to be working next to some of Richmond’s most talented jocks. Just like any millennial I really appreciate a follow on social @krissiradio – I promise pictures of cute puppies.

Fun Facts:

  • I am the baby of the family! Although, my mom didn’t waste any time – me and my sister are exactly a year and a day apart. We love being birthday twins!
  • I went to college here in Richmond – VCU for marketing and music industry. GO RAMS!
  • I started my own photography company snapping pictures around the city called Connecting RVA! You should totally search us out!
  • My first big interview was Trey Songz and I’ve been in love ever since! Seriously, I try to “bump” into him every time he comes home. It’s not crazy… promise!
  • My favorite promotion that 103.7 Play does is Cinderella Dreams! Every year we get to find a dress for young girls that might not be able to afford a dress for prom! I get to scream “Say Yes To The Dress” every time.

Home of Richmond’s Date Doctor, Jaimy Blazynski, every Tuesday night at 7pm.

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